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What a scorcher....

Finally a proper summers day in July and August, it was warm from the moment the curtains had opened and it stayed beautiful throughout the day. I however spent most of it compiling e-mails advertising our new carbon free deliveries. It just makes our concept even more exciting and for me personally it just makes this feel even more satisfying knowing that we can revolutionise the industry and change it for the better to protect our environment and our beautiful Wirral Peninsula.

As per usual when I have spent a day largely in front of the computer the blog will be brief, my backside is just as uncomfortable sitting on a bench as it is sitting on the saddle of my bicycle.

So here is todays Wirral fun fact. Wirral is the only place I know of where we exist differently from anybody else in the country. If you ask anyone from outside of the Wirral where they live, they would say I live in Liverpool, I live in Birmingham etc. If you ask someone from the Wirral where they live, they live on the Wirral. Why we live "on" the Wirral and not "in" the Wirral is completely puzzling but at the same time it seems right. Its like Wirral is some kind of vessel, like a boat at sea, something we live on and not in. Whether its right or its wrong, it makes us unique, and makes us proud to live on the Wirral.

Not just a postman.

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