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Terms & Conditions


Please read these terms of use (these "terms") carefully as they govern your use of (which includes access to) Local Postal Solutions (LPS shall be used when referring to Local Postal Solutions throughout these terms and conditions) specific services for collecting, sorting and delivering mail and other services including all of our website that incorporate or link to these terms (collectively the "Local Postal Solutions service")

Use of LPS services may be subject to additional terms and conditions presented by LPS which are hereby incorporated by this reference into these terms.

By signing up for, or otherwise using, the LPS services you agree to these terms, if you don't agree to these terms then you must not use the LPS service or access any content.

These terms contain a mandatory arbitration provision that requires the use of arbitration on an individual basis to resolve disputes, rather than jury trials or any other court proceedings or class actions of any kind.


This agreement can be changed by LPS at any time. If you do not agree to certain meaningful changes, you may not be able to access our services.

LPS may modify this agreement from time to time, so please review it frequently. For LPS users who accepted a previous version of this agreement the revisions will become active 30 days after posting at 

Your continued use of LPS services means you accept the changes. If you are asked to accept material changes to this agreement and you decline to do so, you may not be able to continue to use the LPS service provided.


Service usage rules.

Your use of this service must follow the rules set forth in this section. Any other use of this service is a material breach of the agreement. LPS may monitor your use of the services to ensure that you are following these usage rules.

All services.

You may use the service only for personal, business or service purposes.

LPS services are currently focused on the Wirral. LPS are under no obligation to deliver outside of this area. LPS will however be able to deliver outside of this area if it has been negotiated and agreed between LPS and the user.


LPS Gold service, Same Day Guaranteed and Send & Receive are our priority services and any mail sent through these services will automatically take priority over any other service we supply. As such, only these services are liable to any refund for failure to deliver in their scheduled time frames. LPS call this procedure the "service compliance compensation" or SCC as it may be referred to. SCC is a penalty we place upon ourselves to ensure that delivery of your priority products is of paramount importance to the services that we offer. 

LPS Silver service will run in unison with the Gold service and our target for delivery of this product is 72 hours from collection. LPS will however deliver the majority of this mail within 48 hours if possible. Silver service mail that is not delivered within 48 hours automatically becomes a priority product for the remaining 24 hours. SCC can not be claimed for late delivery of this product as it is not subject to any premiums. 

LPS bulk postings service and price can only be negotiated between LPS and the user.

LPS signature required and same day guarantee service requires the user to list all of their items on a form supplied by LPS. LPS will attempt to acquire a signature from the recipient but if there is no answer the LPS operative will sign on behalf of the recipient and proof of delivery will take the form of a photograph of the item going through the letterbox, or left in a hidden safe place to ensure first time delivery. In dispute proof of the photographic evidence needs to be requested within 28 days of delivery. After this time the photographic evidence will be destroyed and no dispute may be raised.

LPS Send & Receive service is subject to the recipient following and implementing the request of LPS services. If these requests are not adhered to and the recipient fails to make the item(s) available for collection the following day, the service is considered completed and the onus is then on the recipient to return the mail to the user. LPS will however leave an option with the recipient to contact LPS to re-arrange collection for a further fee to be paid for by the recipient of £1.50. This item will then be returned to the user the following working day at the earliest opportunity for an LPS operative.

LPS collection of mail- LPS need to be informed by no later than 12.15pm that you require a collection. Requests after this time will be considered but a collection will only then take place if it falls into the LPS operatives work schedule. It is the users responsibility to have their mail ready for collection by 1pm. If the users mail is not ready for collection upon LPS arrival at your address after 1pm, the user will still be charged the collection fee of 50p. However if agreed with the LPS operative, they may wait or return at a later time to collect your mail.

No mail needs to be franked or be stamped. If you are sending a combination of Gold and Silver service or any other product, the user needs to have these items in separate bundles or relay this information to the LPS operative. Failure to do so will result in all mail being designated silver service but you may still be charged for the Gold service for the items you have declared Gold service.

All mail needs to be correctly addressed, any items that are badly addressed such as no such address, postcode mis-match will be whenever possible returned to the user. Any badly addressed items that have had an attempted delivery will still be charged for.

No mail needs to be franked or stamped, your LPS operative will mark your mail with its relevant colour (each day has a designated colour, your gold service will receive that days colour and your silver service will have the designated colour of the day 48 hours from time of collection)


We want to give you the best service possible so we expect you, like all users to respect LPS employees at all times. At LPS we consider our employees to be a critical part of our operation, they will be trained to a very high standard and they will be well versed in the terms and conditions of the company as to comply with the strong standardisation principles of LPS and the services we provide. From you, and all users of our service we require you to obey the terms, don't be offensive to any of our employees and don't mis-use our service.

When you access or use LPS services you agree that you will not-

                - Violate any term and condition any rule or any regulation.

                - Interfere with or disrupt any LPS service.

                - Use the service for illegal activities.

                - Send chain letters, junk mail or spam.

                - Use or post any offensive, discriminatory, obscene, abusive or threatening behaviour or content to an or about an LPS employee on our website.

                - Remove or alter any copyright, trademark or other intellectual property notices.

                - Expose another users credentials and personal information.


By agreeing to our terms, users agree not to modify, sell, share, rent, loan or distribute our content in any manner. 

The distribution of any LPS advertising leaflet to help promote our services to another potential user will be permitted and indeed encouraged.


These terms contain a mandatory arbitration provision that requires the use of arbitration on an individual basis to resolve disputes, rather than jury trials or any other court proceedings or class actions of any kind.


These terms are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with English Law.

"Under English law in commercial contracts there is no implied overarching duty of good faith, unlike in other jurisdictions. A duty of good faith requires neither party to take advantage of the other. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are also agreeing to be governed by English Law in dispute."


A one-off subscription fee of £10 will be applied to all accounts. The £10 fee will then be credited to your account and form all or part of your first mail collection with LPS. If only part of the fee is used whatever remains will be credited to your next collection and so on until the credit is used up. 

This one off payment only exists to deter anyone or any party trying to mis-use our service, or disrupt the LPS service. Our prices are for services as provided by LPS. At LPS we have different levels of service which are reflected in our pricing policy. We have numerous ways to pay, the most popular and simplest way is a pre-paid account. The user deposits a cash amount to cover their foreseeable postal expenses, when credit runs low the user can top up their credit via a bank transfer. All pre-paid accounts will be invoiced monthly or weekly (Monday to Friday) if required.

We can also take mobile payments, these will be invoiced on a single transaction basis and include the service charge of 1.49% for each transaction. 


At LPS we offer guarantees on certain priority products. Gold Service, Same Day Guarantee and Send & Receive. In the unlikely event of an LPS failure to deliver these products a full refund will be credited to the users account. We will also of as well as the credit to deliver this product the next day free of charge if the service is still required.

If this product has failed due to force majeure, we reserve the right to deliver as soon as possible and not be penalised for circumstances out of our control. However this can be open to negotiation to uphold our trust and integrity. 

In the rare event of an LPS failure on Gold service products which would be delivery after 1pm the day after collection. This would result in a credit to your account by the following means. 

Example- Total amount of Gold items 200

                Successfully delivered items 180

                 Failed Gold items 20

The 20 items which have not been delivered will be downgraded to a silver service. The difference in price will then be totalled and divided between the percentage usage  of each user that day. On this occasion the 20 items were all downgraded to the value of 25p meaning £5 was due to be credited to the users on their percentage use.

Business A sent 100 gold items (50%) entitling them to £2.50 credit.

Business B sent 60 items (30%) entitling them to £1.50 credit.

Business C sent 40 items (20%) entitling them to £1 credit.

This is regardless of which specific items were failed as attributing mail to a user would be difficult at this point.


At LPS our shipping policy is the fundamentals of our business and the refunds for failures are explained above in the refunds section. 


Your use of LPS services is subject to LPS privacy policy which is incorporated by reference into this agreement.


There may be information on LPS services and terms and conditions that contains typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions, including descriptions, pricing, availability and various other information.

We reserve the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and to change or update the information on the services at any time, without prior notice.


LPS undertakes no obligation to update, amend or clarify information, pricing information, except as required by law. No specified update or refresh update applied on this site should be taken to indicate that all information on this site has been modified or updated. Please remember when receiving information on this site that such information may not represent the complete information available on a subject. In addition, subsequent events or changes in circumstances may cause existing information to become inaccurate or incomplete.


Accounts may be terminated if the user has found to be in violation of any terms and conditions bound by LPS including but not restricted to mis-use of the service, abuse of employees, sending of illegal products and interfering or disrupting the LPS services. Any outstanding post will be delivered if it has been paid for. Any credit will be refunded and your address and account holder will be banned from using LPS services.


Alternatively if you wish to delete your account with LPS. The user can do so by e-mailing LPS at we will then finalise your account with any outstanding payments or outstanding credit being reimbursed to either party. Any post of the users we still have in our possession will be delivered as per instruction and as long as their is no dispute over payments. Furthermore as you have chosen to delete your account you can still obtain LPS services and no restrictions will apply to the named account holder or address.


The user is responsible for use of websites and services not owned by LPS.

LPS services may include hyperlinks to third party websites. Those sites may collect data or solicit personal information from you, LPS does not those sites and are not responsible for their content or for their collection, use or disclosure of personal information.


Currently the only way to register with LPS is through our online registration form. From this registration you will receive a unique code for your company/address. This code is for your own personal/company use and you must keep it confidential and to use only with LPS services. Any mishandling of your code to a third party could result in a disruption to our service, which will in turn disrupt your service. If the user or LPS deem your unique code to be compromised, the user or LPS can request or issue a new unique code.

LPS may reclaim, or issue a change to your unique code for any reason.


The LPS services and all information, content, materials, products and other services included on or otherwise made available to you through the LPS services are provided by LPS on an "as is" and "as available" basis, unless otherwise specified in writing. LPS makes representations or warranties of any kind, express, or implied as to the operation of LPS services, or the information, content, materials, products or other services included on or otherwise made available to you through LPS services, unless otherwise specified in writing, you expressly agree that your use of the LPS services is at your sole risk.

LPS can not be held accountable for - errors and inaccuracies.

                                                           - spyware, viruses, and product damage.

                                                           - damage caused by third parties.

                                                           - website or service downtime.

                                                           - ensuring that services chosen by the user fit a specific purpose.


For questions about these terms and conditions send an e-mail to or alternatively you can leave a message through one of our forms on the website.

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