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The week ahead…….

Local Postal Solutions keeps moving forward and delivering for our local businesses. This week we see a shift in our mail delivery times, as this product grows we have had to extend our delivery. We used to have a 2 hour delivery window between 7 and 9, now we have a flexible window from 7 till 12 allowing for more deliveries but also giving us flexibility to avoid the worst that the winter weather can throw at us. Tomorrow we are scheduled to deliver to Lower Prenton, Woodchurch, Upton, Greasby, Moreton and coming home through the Beechwood and Noctorum. Fingers crossed that the rain stays away.

Our parcel collections then start around 12 and goes on till everything is delivered. Our collection/same day delivery is expected to be at 100% yet again tomorrow.

Also this week, we hope to confirm our newest clients, we hope to finalise our new leaflet. We announce which charity we will be raising money for with this years Local Christmas🎄 post. And we hope to announce the places where you can drop off your Local Christmas post. We also hope to give you developments and possible trials of Local Postal Solutions in one of our most sought after targets.

Take a leap of faith and prepare to be amazed.

We have no idea how successful our Local Christmas post will be, but with a minimum saving of 20p per letter/card compared to other mail companies. You will be saving money, your mail will be delivered before Christmas, you will be helping raise money for a local charity, you will be supporting our green initiative of 95% carbon free deliveries and you will be supporting local business. It’s an absolute no brainier on paper but we need everyone to spread the word and connect our communities with a more affordable local mail network. We have been delivering to every corner of the Wirral everyday for the last 4 months with volumes increasing month on month. Our scope to increase our deliveries is huge, and our potential for growth is massive. All we need is the support of the Wirral and every resident, business and service can benefit from a more affordable local mail and parcel network.

Not just a postman.

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