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The days are getting shorter.

With the nights drawing in and the morning light hitting us later, I am sure it will bring more seasonal innovation to Local Postal Solutions. We actually embrace change and new ways of thinking. I am sure there will be days ahead we’re delivery by bike is not going to be able to happen. I have actually really enjoyed the bike deliveries so much so I have currently delayed the introduction of an e-bike in favour of my fitness and well-being. I am literally hitting top gear on a daily basis, which is a far cry from when I started the bike deliveries a month or so ago. A certain amount of the days getting shorter has been nullified by the progress in delivery rate which is also helped by the higher volumes of mail we are delivering.

Tomorrow we start early in Wallasey and New Brighton so I am hoping for a nice calm dry morning. I also need it to be bright as I am in the process of buying some lights for the bike. I know tomorrow is probably going to be our busiest day so far. With a Prenton delivery later in the day and a large chunk of Upton being delivered. Throw in a collection from one of our clients and a meeting with another potential client. If we get finished before it gets dark I will be pretty chuffed.

After doing weeks of Wirral facts, I think I need to take a break. I will think of some other form of light entertainment to fill the blog. Hope you all have a great tomorrow.

Not just a postman.

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