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The Last Mile

What is the last mile? In delivery terms it’s the final stage of any delivery of parcels or mail.

Why are some companies talking about the last mile? So, we have all seen parcel lockers crop up in various places on the Wirral. Although prices have doubled in the last 6 years, what the national companies are trying to put into place is an infra structure of more parcel lockers. This allows them to employ less people while you pay sky high prices to go and pick your parcel up from a location often miles away from your house. A lot of people can’t even be arsed calling to the neighbours to pick up a parcel.

What’s the advantage to the customer? Erm, none your already paying far too much, but when they make the massive labour savings of delivering all the parcels to one locker, they will then increase the prices to pay for the infra structure. It’s a bit like self service shopping you pay over the odds for effectively replacing their workforce and you do all the work, and pay for the infra structure with higher prices.

Will my mail still get delivered to the door? I’m just guessing but if they are going to take away the last mile with the parcels they will also do it with the mail. Why go to your door with mail when there’s a parcel delivered 2 miles away from your house.

Where else is this happening? All over the world, there are places in America where they have massive units that the whole towns mail is delivered to and every resident of the town has to retrieve their own mail and parcels. In Europe their are many countries which have postboxes for entire streets or neighbourhoods situated OOH (out of home)

So OOH stands for out of home? That’s right, meaning not to your address. They never tell you what it is, but that’s what it is.

Is Local Postal Solutions gonna do OOH delivery? Absolutely not, We haven’t got greedy shareholders waiting to buy there next offshore property. Talk about ripping the heart and soul out of postal delivery. You will never see your post person and even more importantly for me they won’t see you. It will just be another soulless service.

What can I do about it? Well we should have already stopped using self service in shops, we should have already stopped using cards to pay, so you might want to do something about it, but unless everyone does something about it, it’s the future.

Anyway it’s not all bad news, the customers of the clients who use Local Postal Solutions won’t have to be inconvenienced to pick up their mail. We will continue to deliver to your door with our fabulous Wirral mail network. Not only will we deliver to your door, we will do it far cheaper than those who will be delivering to your parcel locker. We are the future of Wirral mail delivery.

Not just a postman.

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