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The early blog missed the best bit of the day.

Wow, so blogging early proved to be lucky. I went out to do some deliveries and I had a phone call asking if I could fill in as a guest on New Brighton radio at 5pm. Exciting times, I had never been on a radio show before. I will be honest I was really worried about accidentally swearing live on air. I can report I got through the hour without swearing, I got lost for words a few times tho, I’m blaming the lack of preparation time. The host Justin Hopper helped me immensely not just on the radio station but throughout the week with his own unique spin on positive local news. If you haven’t seen or heard of his magazine La Vida Liverpool it’s a quality read, full of great local information, places to eat, places to drink, live events and much more. All in the best printed magazine I’ve ever read.

So Friday was a long day, I had the biggest delivery yet covering the length of Wirral before having a leisurely photo shoot against the backdrop of a raging moody Mersey which looked fab. The Mersey that is not the fat old guy in the photos. I am going to trial bicycle deliveries next week to cut out carbon emissions even more, there will inevitably be times when I have to use the car, but I hope using a bicycle works out for the best. Then the hope would be to get a motorised bicycle or an e-bike.

One thing that is great tho is weekends off, wahoo. Although I can already see me trialling the bike on Sunday as the roads are a bit quieter. Just think of it as a bike ride rather than a delivery. This year Local Postal Solutions next year Tour De France 🇫🇷.

I can’t say good weekend without leaving you a Wirral fact. The worlds first commercial hovercraft Service began on the Wirral peninsula during the summer of 1962 operating from Moreton to Rhyl. Quite phenomenal really, I can only imagine the lovely people of Rhyl and surrounding areas were coming to Moreton for a day out to visit the Cadbury broken biscuits shop.

Not just a postman.

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