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Testing the limits

Tomorrow our aim is to deliver mail by bike and clear 6 postcodes and partially clear another postcode. There is a bail out option after 4 postcodes, it all depends on how quick I can rattle through the first 4 postcodes. We need to clear the decks in preparation for a mammoth day in our fledgling business on Friday.

Today has been one of my favourite days since starting the business. We had a huge mail and leaflet session in the morning, which saw the resurrection of mail by foot. Never took me long to realise how much I miss 100% walking. In the afternoon we had a very varied but amazingly compacted parcel delivery. Within that time we called into a potential Christmas post box host, who confirmed they would be delighted to host a Christmas post box. So, currently we have a post box at:

The Art of Flowers, 219 Seaview Road, Wallasey. CH45 4PD. This box is now open and ready for your Christmas cards. 55p for a standard card, 10p from every item posted will be going to Wirral Stroke Survivors Art Group. The Drawing Room, 50 Christchurch Road, Oxton. CH43 5SF. This box we hope will be available from Friday 24th November.

The Hairdressers, 14 Pasture Road, Moreton. CH46 7TH. This box we hope will be operational in time for the Christmas Market and light switch on this Saturday.

There is hopefully more locations to be confirmed.

On a really happy note, a few weeks ago I altered a Christmas Carol/rhyme for a bit of fun, it got people talking whilst advertising what we do and the local businesses that we represent. We have released our newest edition in conjunction with Mello Baby Boutique, Liscard. We will release more on the run up to Christmas.

If your taking your cards to any of the outlets above, check out The Art of Flowers and The Drawing Room for a host of Christmas gift ideas and a great card selection. Let’s help support our local businesses. At the hairdressers on Pasture Road, Moreton they have these cute Christmassy hedgehogs in the window made by one of their clients. You can actually buy them, I came home with 2 in festive red and green. Problem is now the decorations are going to have to go up so they fit in to the Christmas surroundings. After tomorrows bike ride I won’t be able to get into the loft, so I have bought myself a days grace 😂🚴😂

Not just a postman.

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