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Take that back, I find it highly offensive!!!

They were the words ringing in my ears, as a disgruntled resident chased me down the street and handed me back a leaflet. I was so shocked, highly offensive!!! I quickly scanned the leaflet to make sure I hadn’t accidentally handed her a copy of Razzle from the 80’s. But no, it was a few pictures of a middle aged man posting Mail with an offer of a same day service for a cheaper price. I was flabbergasted, but I declined the opportunity to engage in a conversation, I just smiled and carried on. The smile however is just my way of disguising my sadness as these things do affect me. I’d like to think I could just crack on and not think about it, but the truth is for the next few hours of delivery it was paramount in my thoughts. I had enough positive engagements through the day tho to reset the balance.

So finally it’s the weekend and I hope everyone has got some nice plans, preferably indoors cos the weather looks hideous. I was hoping to go to Gorsefest a little festival in New Brighton I found out about in the week. Although I often work in the rain, the thought of volunteering to go out in the rain does not appeal too much. You never know though, they just might get it wrong.

As my second week of running a business comes to an end, I can say it’s flown by. I have learnt a lot, I still have a lot to learn. I am poor, but I’m fulfilled with inner peace. I am tired, but I have so much more to give. I am at a crossroads, but I see opportunity at every avenue. I see hope and I will work my socks off to capture it.

Not just a postman

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