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Sorting and stamping

I have had the slow realisation over the last few days of processes we do that we don’t advertise, and so our potential clients are unaware of this process, and yet this process will end up being of substantial benefit to any local business sending post locally. So businesses will prep their Mail ready for stamping or franking, but by using local postal solutions your business could save time. Once your Mail is approaching the pre franking or pre stamping stage, you call us. We call down and sort your local mail from the mail we can’t deliver as we sort on site. We then apply our own stamp to your local mail and your returned mail goes through your usual method. This saves you time on franking and stamping and saves you money on the local post that we take. It’s win win, our latest clients office work has been cut and they are saving over £100 per month by using local postal solutions.

The good news doesn’t stop there, as I become your personal local courier, I am also able to communicate your business to clients if necessary. Making them aware of offers and driving repeat business back to your company. It’s all part of this amazing new service.

Most of the morning was spent sorting and stamping mail which is due for delivery over the coming month. It’s a process I actually enjoy, it’s a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle. A glimpse into the places I will be visiting over the coming weeks. It also allows me to plan routes and form ideas of the best method for each days delivery. In the coming weeks and months you might see post with our stamp in the top corner. We have arrived and our plans to innovate and transform our local mail is starting to gain traction.

Not just a postman

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