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OOH delivery!!!

Yet to fully hit these shores but the potential new owner of one of the largest delivery companies in the UK is referring to it quite a lot. Out-of-home delivery, often referred to as OOH delivery, is a dynamic approach to delivering goods that involves transporting parcels to a convenient location or automated system for the customer, distinct from their residential address. At the moment their is examples of OOH delivery in operation. So a large block of flats might have all the postboxes in a unit by the entrance to the building. All the mail will be posted in the relevant boxes and all the parcels will be strewn across the floor accessible to anybody who accesses the building. In some countries entire streets and even entire postcodes will have a location for private access for collecting your mail and parcels. It’s effectively like self scanning at the supermarket, all the jobs have gone as your effectively doing all the leg work yet paying more than you’ve ever paid for that service.

Your in bad health and your waiting on a hospital appointment, it no longer comes thro your door. You have to get changed and travel to your post box located streets sometimes even miles away to get your mail and or parcels. It’s apparently 3-4 times more efficient than delivering door to door or to put it another way for every 4 jobs in the delivery sector there will only be 1. I am pretty certain they won’t be waving these figures round when it comes to pricing. Will they reduce postage costs to coincide with it being 3-4 times more efficient? Will they increase the employees wage in line with the extra efficiency. No they will undoubtedly increase postage citing infrastructure and also to pay a quarter of the workforce off with redundancies or they can just sack them for free!!!

This is the future, less jobs, making the mega rich even richer.

Suddenly it might dawn on us why we have let self service in, we are just paying the rich by doing jobs for them they once had to employ people to do. It will spread to all aspects of commerce and we will let it because it’s convenient for us as we have no time to wait anymore. Give it a few years we will all have time to wait as we won’t have a job to rush around for anymore.

Not just a postman.

Typical example of OOH delivery. It’s the future, apparently.

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