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Old MacDonald had a farm AI, AI.............noooo

Todays post is a bit off topic, its about Artificial Intelligence if you may not have already guessed from the title. I attended an event today which was all about AI and marketing. It was extremely interesting , ground breaking stuff of which I don't have much use for in this business. Firstly because I am technologically inferior to almost everybody. Secondly I don't think AI is advanced enough to realise that some streets wont have a number 13 and others will. Thirdly its a world beyond my imagination, I am a bit of a fictionphobe. Obviously fictionphobe has been highlighted by word as its not a word. But it might become a word if I enter it enough times in chatGBT and it starts spewing it out in a similar context in works of literature across the AI universe.

I am not against AI, its a fascinating concept and one I have only become aware of today. But for me its like when mobile phones come out, I was the last person to get one. Its just not my area of interest, probably technologically afraid of change also. The translation aspect is quite outstanding though for any businesses hoping to export especially. If you need any help with that give me a ring and I will tell you all I know from today, probably be a short phone call to be honest.

After yesterdays walk I had a day of mostly sitting down with a quick strategic leaflet drop and some gardening downtime. I call it downtime not because it gives me pleasure and helps me relax its because it makes me feel down.

Not just a postman

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