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Nice weekend off…….not any more.

My nice weekends off have already started to feel like a long time ago. Truth is we are just too busy for me to have a day off, it’s great as it means we are not far away from employing another body to help share the workload.

This mornings ride out to West Kirby to start at 7am was phenomenal. Landican Lane was a bit wet and muddy which had me soaked and caked in mud before I had even started. From there through Thingwall and Irby down through Thurstaston and on the Wirral Way a place I have been many times but never at 645am. Everything feels different in the morning, it’s a lovely feeling and one that I find hard to point out why? Maybe it’s because most people are asleep and you feel like you’ve got a head start on the world. Maybe it’s the rolling mists creating an eerie atmosphere. Maybe it’s the sightings of animals that you seldom see during the day. I seen 3 rabbits this morning and the countless number of small birds which never appear in the garden, it’s like you’ve been allowed a little insight into their world. The early morning bike rides were never in the business plan but it’s become a welcome addition to the company. Tomorrow morning I have to get started early to take up my starting position in the far reaches of Irby on my way to clearing Heswall. It’s always been my Achilles heel has Heswall but tomorrow I am determined to master Heswall. I have made some logistical adjustments and I feel comfortable that I am going to be completing my tasks. To find out if I do you’ll have to wait till Monday when I blog again.

Not just a postman.

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