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Less than a month till Christmas Day

It goes without saying that December is a massive month in the postal industry. The pressure to deliver is intense and you can’t go into the next day on the back foot. In my old job they’ve been on the back foot every day of 2023 so any chance of turning that around for Christmas is already dead in the water. Here is the stone cold truth, the bigger firms will accept all your Christmas mail and all your Christmas parcels even when they know it’s extremely unlikely they will be delivered. Effectively they want the money but aren’t prepared to provide the service. Will you get reimbursed for your late deliveries? Of course not, they would end up losing millions. At Local Postal Solutions we are all about delivering Christmas more efficiently and more cost effective for our Wirral residents. We won’t accept your parcels if we don’t think we are able to deliver them, ruining peoples Christmas is never on our agenda. We can’t use the excuse “it’s lost in the system” because our mail and parcels aren’t taken outside of the Wirral to get lost in a system. We can’t use the excuse “we are short staffed” as we know it’s just an excuse for poor management. Don’t subsidise the national network for your local deliveries, there is a better and more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution at LPS.

This will be the first full week of Christmas post boxes, our advice is to get your mail in early to allow our operatives the best possible span for delivery. If everyone holds back till the last few days it can make for a tricky final week. Our afternoon parcels are still operating at over 95% same day delivery, so that’s 95% of our parcels have been delivered before the big boys have even considered whether to sort your parcel. Same day delivery is proving to be a game changer for our clients and their customers. It encourages repeat sales as customers are getting same day gratification and think we will buy from there again. Since we started delivering parcels we have had no reported breakages, no reported lost parcels and no parcels which have been delayed. This Christmas and in 2024 and beyond think Local Postal Solutions for your local business. Next level service, next level delivery and a minimum saving of £1 for every parcel sent. How much could your business save in a year?

Not just a postman.

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