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It wouldn’t be winter without some good old winter weather.

Apart from slowing everything down a bit, the dusting of snow had little impact on our operations. Obviously the bike wasn’t deployed which is unfortunate. As the day progressed the conditions got gradually better, but with cold weather expected overnight it could be treacherous in the morning especially as it’s expected to be at its coldest around school run time. Please be careful in the morning.

Fortunately for us we went out on Sunday to get a head start on the weeks mail run. So we are in great shape and still well ahead of target this week. The flexibility we have in working allows us to plan for the forecast, meaning we will never have to blame the weather for delays in mail. With the cold snap hitting between 7 and 10 in the morning, being ahead of schedule we can stand down till mid morning to commence our deliveries. Health and safety is always at the forefront of our mind I all year round but especially in the Winter months.

Hopefully I will be able to spend a few hours in the morning updating the website to welcome our new clients. Hopefully put in a feedback page and just a general update and spring clean as a lot has changed over the last few weeks. We have a very busy February planned, and some of the planning is around permanent post boxes at our amazing vendors. Final planning and admin to allow for school mail to be processed and delivered which is hugely exciting for us. But it will also allow schools to save thousands of pounds every year in postal costs. In the last month we have had the most new clients join us compared to any previous month since we started. It’s always a huge honour when we gain a new client and it’s also very exciting as the new client is often not prepared for how good this service is, and how much they will save. That whole process of developing that working relationship is truly amazing and we hope to get loads more of these opportunities in the coming months.

Not just a postman.

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