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I think we can write this week off as a bad week

Struck off from the dentist because after receiving a call to be on Radio Merseyside the next morning, it completely went out of my head. Mainly due to the fact they send their reminders out like 5 days before your appointment. When I was in my twenties and thirties there was no way I would be forgetting that appointment but now I’m approaching 50, I’m surprised I wasn’t struck off sooner.

Then the radio interview I felt like I completely flunked and wasn’t happy with some of the questions. Then finally felt like I was getting somewhere today and I get a speeding fine for a 20mph infringement on possibly the widest single lane road on the Wirral. Absolutely mortified as that’s another weeks wages up the spout. I wouldn’t mind but I drive like a proper Grandad. Then I read a stat which says 90% of drivers are driving above 20mph in 20mph zones. So, I’ve thought of an idea to at least get some positivity out of it. They can have my wages as long as I see it put to good use, so I am suggesting “adopt a pot hole”. My money goes towards the fixing of a pot hole of my choice and I get a certificate and monthly updates on how intact my pot hole is.

The only thing I will possibly get to choose is £100 fine and 3 points on my license or speed awareness course costing £80 plus expenses for getting there and back and missing half a days work in total costing me.

Awareness course £80

Travel expenses, tunnel fees and parking £20

Half a days work £6.24

Total £106.24

Decisions decisions. Joking aside I am extremely remorseful about my speeding offence in nearly 40 years of driving I have never had a brush with the law. I just switched off and didn’t even think that Road would be a 20mph. I think it’s the timing of it that has really p*@53* me off, it’s just compounded an already terrible week. In true Local Postal Solutions style though, things could be a lot worse. So, I will be thankful for what I have and try to make sure next week is a better week.

Not just a postman

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