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How a local company differs from a national organisation - parcel delivery

It’s very important to understand how supporting local business and enterprises really does help improve the service you receive, the service you give and how it can keep costs down in more ways than one.

The biggest difference between a local company delivering parcels like Local Postal Solutions, compared to Royal Mail and Evri is the undisputed customer care at both ends of the process.

Your deliveries through a national network are mostly done through a third party, whether that’s a post box, the post office or a collection by an employee of the company. You have no connection with these companies, your just a number, whether your business succeeds or fails is of no interest to them. Some other business will fill the void you’ve left and they will carry on carefree as they have the finance and infrastructure to plough on. By using a local company, you get end to end care. You get a collection from that company a personal touch, often by the same person who will deliver your parcel, so instantly there’s a connection, a loyalty. The person delivering your parcels has a responsibility to you, as the next time they collect they are answerable to any mistakes made in the process.

If your parcel is lost or damaged with Royal Mail or Evri, firstly they make it very difficult to register a complaint (so you don’t bother the next time). And even when you do register a complaint it’s just a buck passing exercise as you will never meet the person who damaged, lost or mis-delivered your parcel. Or the ultimate in delivery laziness, they left your parcel on the doorstep, because leaving with a neighbour infringes on their time frames. For Royal Mail workers it’s usually a time pressure as they work alongside someone so delivering to a neighbour and then returning to leave you a card to say it’s with your neighbour, means walking up and down at least 3 paths instead of 1, and they’re only timed to go down any path once. With Evri it’s pure and simply financial, every operator is paid a fee for each parcel delivered, if they take 30 seconds to deliver your parcel they get around 60p if it takes them 90 seconds or 120 seconds to deliver your parcel safely with a neighbour they still get 60p. So, by leaving your parcel safely with a neighbour they are actually losing money as they could be down the road delivering the next 60p parcel.

Using a local delivery company like Local Postal Solutions is so beneficial because of the service you get, not to mention how much cheaper it is. And there’s an amazing reason for this unbelievable service. They want your business to grow, when all the businesses grow that Local Postal Solutions represent then so does the growth of Local Postal Solutions. We have been operating for just less than a year and we have had no damaged items reported, no items stolen or lost and every item has been delivered to the customer safely. We do not leave parcels unattended.

Now for the important bit, saving money. Firstly we are cheaper than Evri, Royal Mail, DPD etc for every single item we deliver and that includes parcels and mail, massive savings already.

As we have no reported thefts, damages or parcels lost, the sender has never had to re-issue a parcel or replace a parcel saving not just themselves money but everyone who shops with them in the future. This is because like a theft from a shop, the stock needs replacing at a cost to the business, the business can’t afford to keep replacing stock that is lost. The stock the business has lost is then factored in to the cost of future stock, unfortunately this means the price of products in the shop in the future has to rise to balance out the cost of lost stock.

Your parcels which are damaged by poor handling, and I’ve worked in both Royal Mail and Evri and I can tell you, you would be outraged if you could see how badly parcels are often treated. I deliver for a client who has fragile parcels that are sent all over the country. There has never been one breakage on the local parcels we deliver for them, I would say every fortnight I am told about one of the parcels going nationally with Royal Mail and Evri has been

damaged and they have to follow a time consuming process to get back the value of the item (not the sale value of the item). It’s a time consuming process to discourage claims, if they can get you to spend 20-30 minutes trying to claim that’s 20-30 minutes of working time lost. Next time you might think I won’t bother. Even if you’ve put fragile stickers all over your parcel, there is no process in Royal Mail or Evri to treat these parcels any differently because the price you’ve paid is the same as a similar parcel which isn’t fragile. AnywayI think I have adequately bored myself into a light coma. If your interested in switching your Wirral deliveries to us visit or email or call us on the number on our website.

Not just a postman.

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