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Great weather for ducks.

Not great weather for posting mail on a bike. The main problem with the rain is the post getting wet, we’ve all had a soggy letter through the door there is very little you can do to protect the post from the elements. I’ve had mail in my inside pocket it still gets wet, I’ve had it in a plastic bag it still gets wet, due to the fact that the person holding the mail is saturated and transferring all that rain onto the post. Over the years their has been complaints made about post being wet, the only solution to that is not delivering the post when it’s wet. The bike also causes some problems when it’s wet, like spray off the bike making you more wet. More chance of having an accident as visibility is diminished not just for yourself but for other road users. I’ve just seen the forecast for tomorrow morning and it’s pretty grim.

In other news our latest client had their first collection today and all of their mail was delivered within hours of collection. It’s very satisfying to bring that type of service to Wirral businesses. Let’s hope both businesses can grow with the savings made and the service that’s being used. The actual savings our new client will be making is staggering. Today for example they have saved £9.37 for 5 items sent. It’s absolutely staggering how much our competitors are charging for such a simple service. Not to mention those items are delivered now, whereas our competitors would have these items milling around Chester awaiting some kind of sorting ready for delivery over the next few days. Our service and price can’t be beaten. If your a business sending local mail, give us a call and you could start reaping the benefits of better service for less.

Not just a postman.

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