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GOLD class

Calling it first class is under selling what we do, considering todays first class is not really first class anymore. This week we have had exactly 200 GOLD class items through our network, so it seemed a good figure to do some percentages.

162 GOLD class items were delivered the same day as collection, that’s 81%

38 GOLD class items were delivered the day after collection, that’s 19%

100% of our GOLD class items were delivered i within our target of next day delivery.

Of the 162 GOLD class items delivered same day 145 were delivered within 4 hours of collection, that’s 72.5%.

For time critical post items on the Wirral there really is no comparison to the service we provide for your mail.

Our SILVER class service is equally impressive with approximately 90% being delivered within 3 days, that further 10% is delivered by the 4th day. Our aim for SILVER class is a five day service on the bike.

More and more local businesses are choosing us over Royal Mail as they begin to realise there is an option. And that option doesn’t just provide a better, more efficient, supremely quicker service but it’s also much cheaper than Royal Mail. For example this week we have had 110 GOLD class large letters costing £1.20 each with us. With Royal Mail they cost £1.95 and can take days to arrive. A saving of 75p per letter or an overall saving of £82.50 for our amazing loyal customers. Our customers include solicitors, schools,charities, multiple private healthcare organisations, a garage and a gas engineers. Some of which who are sending invoices out are reporting payments within hours of mail collection. The benefits of your local mail network are unbelievable. We are achieving what we set out to do and that’s revolutionise the way we send mail locally.

Do you know someone who sends local mail out regularly?

Do you know anyone who might benefit from our service? Please bear in mind we do parcels same day and far cheaper and leaflet work also.

Even if they only send mail once a month, we can still be of huge value to them.

Call 07830 369 446 or email or visit for a quick chat and to start giving your business the efficiency and quality it deserves.

Not just a postman.

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