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Farewell to July

Despite the terrible weather I am gonna miss July as we say farewell to it for 2023. It’s provided me with many challenges, a career change, saying farewell to work colleagues and leaving a relatively comfortable living with a guaranteed wage every week. But it’s allowed me to follow my passion and develop and nurture an idea, and this in turn has opened new doors and I’ve met so many new and wonderful people in such a short space of time. It can be a little overwhelming at times as I am naturally quite shy and a bit of a thinker. I have days when I am comfortable in a room of new people and I have days when I am not at all comfortable in these situations. However, I do believe that within our weaknesses lies our biggest strength and within our strength lies our biggest weaknesses.

We welcome August in a little over an hour from now and the weather doesnt look like it’s going to change. But as long as we have a glorious September I am good with that. If the sun shines in September it’s probably my favourite time to be working outside. I think that’s because you know the next four or five months after September are not generally that pleasant weather wise.

Enough of rattling on about the weather. Today has been a day of getting in touch with contacts and trying to initiate contact with our local charities. Both areas proved troublesome, but I have learned to accept these long spells of seemingly non-productive activity. I think on reflection Monday is a bad day to get in touch with people. Tomorrow is another day and another month, so I can dust myself down and create something positive tomorrow.

Not just a postman.

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