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Don’t you just hate cars!!!

You can guarantee whenever you don’t need a hefty expense 9 times out of 10 it comes along in the form of a bill from the garage. It’s not just the bill, it’s the inconvenience when it is in there. And then your left with running around for the next few weeks for nothing to recoup grrrrr.

It’s so annoying, but at least now the car is fixed and most importantly safe.

Moan over, let’s move onto more positive news. Lots of businesses have been in touch this week regarding leaflet deliveries. It’s not a side of the business I like to push too much as it’s not greatly rewarding in either revenue or workload. But, as we offer delivery with our addressed post, it offers a more rewarding element for our clients. I know from delivering my own leaflets that it can be very hit and miss. My first leaflet had a frustratingly poor response, but one of the leads I did get is still my biggest client to date. So, I suppose that’s all you really need. One response that can alter your business.

I often go through feast and famines, I tend to have weeks of no new clients and then surges of interest. We are on a surge at the moment. One of the potential clients from this latest surge will open doors to similar clients on the Wirral. It is very exciting news, but news that I can’t fully share, sorry. We can’t wait to show what we can do, and how much we can save every local to local mail and parcel business and service on the Wirral.

For this current stage we are in, we will be limited to how many new businesses we can take on. As we will never compromise on service, our existing customers will testify to that. Although it’s not set in stone and it’s open to fluctuation, we currently predict that at the end of March if you haven’t registered an interest or started using our services, you may have to join the waiting list. This is so we can schedule labour and release multiple potential customers from the waiting list when we are ready to expand our operation.

Not just a postman.

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