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Content, content, content.........

As in website content, a full day of planning content, adding content and editing content. I am not gonna lie, it's my least favourite process of my new job. Especially when it's essential work that happens to fall on the best day weather wise to be out on the streets. On a positive note I have added that much content today, this blog is gonna be short.

In terms of Local Postal Solutions growth we have seen the most website hits in one day and the most enquiries too, which proved a welcome distraction from adding content. Wirral Chambers will be helping me out tomorrow with the website early in the day, which I am most grateful for. And then after that we will be on the streets delivering, so if you see us around give us a wave or come and say hello. Keep telling everyone you know and especially anyone who can benefit from this service about us. And I promise tomorrow will be a more entertaining blog.

Not just a postman.

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