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Birkenhead, Wallasey huge mail collection and a lesson in social media.

A range of tasks for today as always it starts with delivery. Prioritising delivery of your mail is always at the forefront of what we do. We are always out at the earliest opportunity, what we deliver could change your day, so we like to give you plenty of time to make plans. I have really grown to enjoy delivering to Wallasey and I think that’s down to the bike delivery. In a vehicle it’s a nightmare because of the huge amount of cul-de-sacs, some don’t even have a place to turn at the end.

A few winters ago I was delivering to I think it was Chepstow Avenue in Wallasey it was dark, it was chucking it down and it was around 6pm when people are coming back from work. I drove down to deliver a parcel in one of the end houses not knowing it was a dead end. Cars parked on either side all the way down and there ain’t much room left, believe me. Got out it was tipping it down, got to the house lights were on and rang the bell and I was waiting and waiting. Ring again, and you suddenly start thinking lights must be on a timer, so start writing out a card. It’s dark and it’s raining hard so it’s not the easiest of tasks. I can see headlights in the road and it’s other cars coming down the street, but there are no parking spaces!!! I Post the card and as I walk out of the gate, someone answers the door. Cars are waiting in the road impatiently. As I take the parcel to the door the recipient says “sorry about that I musnt have heard you ring the first time” to which my reply was “If you never heard me ring the first time how did you know I rang a second time”. I’m always friendly with this kind of banter, but I do admit to being a little irate and under huge pressure from the waiting cars. I get back in the van and I’ve got nowhere to go. I’ve got two cars behind me and I’m at the end of the road with nowhere to turn. Anyway all 2 cars and me in the van had to reverse back out of the road, and it’s not a short road. What should have been a 2 minute delivery probably turned into the thick end of 20 minutes. And now with the bike I could have just shot out the path at the end of the road or mounted the curb to take myself out of the melee in the road. I think that’s why the bike delivery has made Wallasey a more desirable place to deliver now.

Sometimes, stressful situations that you encounter can leave a negative effect on you long after the event. Leaving you with a skewed vision of what’s normal to most, simply because one time months or years ago you had a stressy moment. It’s great when you can redress this back to normal by doing something different. And after saying all that I feel like I’ve jinxed myself with an impending stressy moment on the bike soon 😂😂😂

Todays Wirral fact is why do we have postcodes CH41 to CH49 and then CH60 to CH63 on the Wirral, what happened to CH50 to CH59. Back In 1959 when postcodes were first used, sorting frames had 48 boxes (6 rows and 8 columns). Not many post districts have more than 48 postcodes but those that did the numbers would start from 50 to 98. As most areas had no more than 70 postcodes and the top row was the hardest to reach especially for short people like me they would omit the numbers on the top row and start in the 60’s. Obviously over time this changed to allow for postcodes with the 50‘s to be added. Or it’s entirely possible that I have just made that all up because I couldn’t find the answer on Google.

Not just a postman.

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