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A thing of rarity, a morning post.

My blogs are usually written of a night before bed, but due to lack of time and tiredness this week I haven’t managed to blog much. We have 3 days to clear the Christmas post, but it should be completed by Saturday despite the bad weather. The weather very rarely stops us, but this week it has curtailed the use of the bike which is quite annoying. Heavy rain and very strong winds are not a safe combination for bike deliveries. The safety aspect being the main issue, but there is also a quality issue with the condition the mail goes through the letterbox on such days. Any paper that gets wet becomes more susceptible to fraying round the edges especially when the elastic band keeping it together is constantly moving on and off the bundle.

There are days when it’s just impossible to keep mail dry, you can keep it under your jacket or in a bag, but primarily if you are wet that will transfer to the mail when handling. The amount of times over the years either myself or colleagues have been called into the office due to a complaint about mail being wet. My answer and conclusion was always the same. If anyone complains about wet mail then on days when there is a chance of rain, there mail should not be attempted as it is impossible to guarantee it arrives dry unless I can use the van to individually drive to every house. It’s probably the most thoughtless complaint you can possibly receive. Nobody wants to be out delivering in that weather, but postpeople never have that choice. If people phoned up and said I don’t like it when my mail turns up wet could you possibly not deliver to me on wet days. But they don’t, they still want delivery but for every item of mail to have it’s very own umbrella to keep it dry.

I’m probably best not to blog on a windy wet morning before delivery again 😂.

Not just a postman.

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