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100% carbon free deliveries

An exciting day at Local Posting Solutions, today we went carbon free, fuel less, environmentally friendly, net zero. Whatever you want to call it that’s what we are now. All our deliveries will be on bicycle and hopefully soon e bike. Just another way in which we are cleaning up deliveries on our local post. On the Wirral I believe our competitors don’t even have an electric charge point never mind an electric van. We are leading the way after a month of business, how long will it take for our competitors to follow suit, dont hold your breath.

There will be times when we might have to use a vehicle, bad weather, breakdown and collections but our aim is to deliver at every opportunity on bicycle. With any luck it might help me shed a few stone too, always up for a challenge. Tomorrows route will take me through Bebington, New Ferry, Bromborough, Eastham, Ellesmere Port, little and great Sutton, Hooton, Willaston, Burton, Neston, Heswall, Pensby and Irby. Fingers crossed I will make it back in time for tomorrows blog.

Todays fun fact about Wirral is the origin of the name Wirral, literally translated Wirral means “myrtle corner” from the old English Wir (a myrtle tree) and heal, an angle corner or slope. Apparently the land was once overgrown with bog myrtle, which no longer exists in the area. You learn something new everyday, well I do researching facts.

Not just a postman.

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