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Wirral Stroke Survivors Art Group


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We are delighted to announce that the charity we will be supporting with our Christmas post this year is Wirral Stroke Survivors Art Group. This small charity runs an art group every week in Moreton and rely upon members subscriptions to fund materials. Sending your Wirral Christmas cards through our local Christmas post is a minimum of 20p cheaper than buying a stamp but also around 10p for every item posted will be donated to the Wirral Stroke Survivors Art Group. By December we will have post boxes set up in various outlets across the Wirral. Currently we will have one set up in Wallasey in The Art of Flowers a wonderful florist and gift shop located at

219 Seaview Road, Wallasey CH45 4PD. You can take all your Wirral based Christmas cards here and post them in a box and make huge savings on all your Wirral Christmas post. If you would like to donate some of the savings you have made, every penny will go directly to this amazing charity. Another outlet which have also confirmed to host a post box is the spectacular Drawing Room in Oxton Village, located at 50 Christchurch Road, Oxton CH43 5SF. We hope to add a few more locations before December. I would like to add that both these amazing shops are hosting the boxes and donating any fees to the Wirral Stroke Survivors Art Group. We can’t thank them enough for their generosity and the use of their premises to host our mail. Collections from these venues will be made daily to get your Christmas mail into our network as soon as possible.

If anyone reading this runs a shop or knows anyone who might want to host a Christmas box please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 07830 369 446 to discuss. The more outlets we can establish for the Christmas post the more money Wirral residents can save and the more money we can raise for a worthy local charity. If you don’t live close to any of these outlets but would like to use our Wirral Christmas postal service drop an e-mail to or call 07830 369 446 and we will arrange a collection for a minimum of 5 letters being sent.

If there is anyone you know who sends Christmas cards to Wirral friends and relatives, please make them aware of this initiative and save them some money whilst raising money for a local charity. Please share this blog on Facebook and let’s start saving everyone money.

Not just a postman.

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