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Wirral parcel 🎁 deliveries for local businesses.

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Are you paying £5.28 for a medium parcel 📦 to be sent locally on the Wirral? Waiting days and even weeks 📆 for it to be delivered?

Items turning up damaged?

First of all, your paying 💷too much. Why? With all national mail couriers it costs the same to send a parcel to Scotland or Brighton as it does to send it to the next town or even street. Why are you subsidising parcels 📦 that travel nationwide? If you got on a train to Manchester, you wouldn’t expect to pay the cost of a train 🚂 ticket to Dover. That’s what local businesses are doing when they send parcels locally. As a former employee of the two biggest delivery companies in the UK, I know the service your paying for is not even close to value for money.

Your probably thinking you have no choice……..

But you do have a choice for your Wirral parcels 📦, your customers who are local. Customers who are likely from time to time visit your shop🏦. Local Postal Solutions currently deliver parcels 📦 within 24 hours of collection and over 90% the same day. Our parcels 📦 aren’t loaded on top of each other and shipped around the North West to various sorting depots. We collect and deliver, it’s simple, it’s 24 hour, no damages and no lost in the system creating irate customers who will often not shop with you again because of a bad experience out of your control. At this point your probably thinking that all sounds great but I can’t afford to pay more for this unbelievable quality of service!!!

Here is the best news, we are cheaper than any other parcel 📦 courier out there. And not by 10p or even 50p, a medium parcel will currently cost you around £5.28. At Local Postal Solutions it’s £3.50 that’s a whopping £1.78 saving. For the cost of every 2 parcels 📦 your currently sending you could send 3 with Local Postal Solutions and have 6p left over to put in your copper jar 🫙. We have already revolutionised the way our current clients send parcels and the repeat sales they are getting from cheaper delivery and same day service is impressive.

If you sent an average of 11 parcels a week for a year at £5.28 it would cost you £3,020. With Local Postal Solutions those 11 parcels per week for a year would cost £2,002 that’s a massive saving of £1,018. This saving is passed on to your customer, and some of those customers will be back again and again and again. If your not with us, your already missing out. Give your business the edge, give your customers same day gratification, undamaged parcels and the amazing savings that come with our ground breaking service. You have a choice, you don’t have to be held to ransom by spiralling parcel prices, and you can chose to support a local business who will do everything they can to support you.

Not just a postman.

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