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What a lovely morning to be out delivering.

My earliest morning to be out delivering and what a lovely morning it was too. I was home by 11am which was a proper treat, although obviously work doesn’t stop there. Phone calls, interviews, some sorting and website updating all completed, so a very productive day. As a reward it’s a nice take away curry as I am not on the bike tomorrow. Curry and bike the following day is a potent combination. In fact curry and any kind of exercise the following day is not advisable, firstly jiggling round after a curry can cause severe toilet desperation. Plus sweating after Curry leads to aromas you don’t want on your doorstep at 8am in the morning.

Anyone else covered in insect bites? I am literally getting eaten alive during the night or in the garden. It’s not long now till I turn into one huge yellow spot, which is fine cos at least I will be in Local Postal Solution colours.

I’ve been answering some questions tonight posed by a local publication regarding the role of a postman, the relationships that are forged between customers and how Local Postal Solutions fits into that dynamic. All interesting stuff and I will wait for the story to be published before talking about it in any detail in the blog. But I will briefly talk about friendships that have been forged with customers over my years as a postman. It’s been about 14 months since I had my own round, but I am in regular contact with numerous people from my last round. I’ve been to horse race meetings, rugby matches, football matches, socialised in the pub with many of my customers over the years. And every one of them occasions has been a privilege which has only occurred through my job. They are not customers anymore and not because I am no longer their postman but because I class them all as friends. It’s a job that brings privileges like that and you get to meet great people on a daily basis. That dynamic has changed for now as I no longer have a set daily routine, but I have already met some amazing people on my journey with Local Postal Solutions. Ive been on the radio and in the papers as Local Postal Solutions continues to attract the local press to its concept. I’m just waiting for Ant and Dec to phone me up for the next series of “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”. However, I might have to settle for being a contestant on countdown.

Wirral fact for the day. Famous people from Wirral include Daniel Craig, Paul Hollywood, Paul O’Grady and as I’ve only just found out Taron Egerton (Elton John from Rocket Man). Bit shocked by that to be honest, although he was brilliant in Rocket man my favourite film of his was Eddie the Eagle and his portrayal of Eddie Edwards the ski jumper.

Not just a postman.

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