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Welcome 2024, a huge year for Local Postal Solutions.

After an exciting and meteoric business start up last year, we have put ourselves well ahead of schedule for this year already. What we do is so vast that to concentrate on any particular aspect of the services we provide in a blog would only be scratching the surface. So for this week I am going to break it down into separate blogs mail, parcels and leaflets. Tonight we start with mail.


We currently deliver thousands of items six days a week every month for local businesses and services throughout the Wirral. Our clients are not only receiving a premium service they are saving thousands of pounds every year by switching their local mail to us. Furthermore with most of our mail being delivered by bike we are all contributing to a more eco friendly delivery option.

Our mail prices are significantly cheaper than our competitors at 55p compared to 75p a full 20p per letter and as the size and service requirement of the letter goes up so do your potential savings. The good news doesn’t just stop with service and cost. Our method of collection actually reduces your preparation time for your current mail service. Plus we collect from you, for no extra fee it’s just all part of the complete service we provide. No more rushing to the nearest post box in the rain to try and make the last collection, no more franking machine and it’s huge leasing and maintenance costs which far outweigh your saving of 6p per letter.

With even further reductions for schools and charities, we aim to dominate the local postal market. Local businesses who have already transferred their mail to us due to first class deliveries taking over 10 days in some places, it’s no wonder key businesses and services are switching their mail to us. Since we started in July 2023, every client who has switched their mail and or parcels to us, continue to use our company day in and day out. Not one single client has gone back to their former mail service. It’s an absolute testament to the service we provide.

Why is mail so important?

The whole reason I started this business was due to Wirral residents missing hospital appointments or losing several nights sleep waiting for results of tests that was paid to be delivered the following day. The company I worked for no longer prioritised mail, it prioritises peoples flip flops and vapes over important items of mail simply because of their cost. I have made it no secret that my end goal with the mail service is to deliver the mail for all our local hospitals and GP’s. I am also very aware that this will be the hardest market to pin down, but we won’t rest until the people of the Wirral receive the service that our nhs is paying an extremely high price for.

Every important item of mail we receive is sent locally, hospital appointments, dental appointments, solicitors letters, school letters etc. Yet the price we pay to send these letters locally is the same as sending them to Scotland or Kent or Cornwall. You wouldn’t jump on a train to Manchester and expect to pay the price of a rail fare to Aberdeen, you would simply find an alternative way to get to Aberdeen. Our local mail, our local services, our local businesses, our local schools and our local charities are subsidising the cost of long distance mail by paying the same price for a delivery that is quite often within a 2 mile radius of the mails origin. Like finding the alternative way to get to Aberdeen, we provide the solution and the cheaper alternative to have your mail delivered locally. We deliver for private healthcare companies, schools, local businesses, garages. Some of these companies had stopped sending mail after last years double price hike and then found an alternative option with Local Postal Solutions.

By the end of this month our network will be accessible to every Wirral resident when we set up post boxes in key local businesses throughout the region. This has come about after our hugely successful Christmas Post box which was featured on ITV’s tonight programme shortly before Christmas. Every post box host asked on behalf of their customers whether we will be continuing the service. I’m so happy to report that we will, we are just putting everything in place to give you the best service possible.

Talking of mail, I have a very big delivery tomorrow on my longest daily route. Starting at 630am in the dark. Thankfully the days are getting gradually longer after the winter solstice, I’m sure it won’t be too long before it’s full daylight for deliveries. Tomorrow I will talk about the our parcel service and the positive impact it’s having on the amazing local businesses I serve.

Not just a postman.

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