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Website building, what a chore!!!

One amazing thing about spending hours of your day delivering post, it gives you a lot of time to think and let your mind breath. Sometimes that's great for relaxing, sometimes it's great for reflection and sometimes it can help solve a problem and even detect a problem. Yesterdays post delivery helped me detect a problem and then start to think about solving that problem. Today I have been sat in front of the laptop all day trying to remedy a huge problem with our website. All though this was essential work, it always kinda feels like a day wasted. This is probably because my strengths do not lie with technology so whenever I try to resolve something technical it feels like a day wasted, as it will take me at least five times longer to solve the problem than a web designer. My short term goal is to get that down to four times longer.

Tomorrow I will be delivering and I will have time to think...............probably about the fix I have put in today and how I can make it better grrrrrr. At this point I would like to blame the laptop and technology but, it's my mind and it's time to think is where it all stems from. Sometimes you just have to accept that we all have limits and we just have to maximise our potential in every field.

Anyway amongst todays jobs was running my partners stool sample to the Doctors. You kind of have to disown it and make sure everyone knows it's not yours as it's in a clear bag and everyone knows what it is, especially the poor receptionist that then has to handle it. Anyway to cheer her up I said "she gives me all the crap jobs". Forgive me for not adding any photos to todays blog.

Not just a postman

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