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We were on Radio Merseyside this morning

We are so grateful for being given the opportunity to be on Radio Merseyside this morning, it was great to be part of the show. Unfortunately due to the complex nature of what we do, it was very difficult to try and convey what we do in the time given. We deliver mail at two classes (priority and budget) same day parcel deliveries and dispatch leaflets. I think by trying to push all of the different ways we deliver, I’ve ended up muddying the waters a little. I feel it was a bit of a missed opportunity, and that’s reflected in the results I can see. It’s all part of a learning experience for me, and also it’s something that takes me out of my comfort zone.

My disappointment from today aside, everything else is going swimmingly well. After a slow time at Easter,( school holidays always seem to be quieter I have learnt) we have grown the business week on week even having a day less last week. We are frequently getting in excess of 100 items on our daily morning cycling deliveries. Christmas aside we are forecasting a record breaking volume on a cycle run later in the week.

Another area we have focused our attentions too is weddings and more specifically wedding invitations, save the day cards etc. It’s a fantastic way for couples to save money for their wedding day. For example a couple sending out 50 wedding invites silver class (2nd class)it would cost them £42.50 with that company who do the expensive stamp thing. With Local Postal Solutions we can drill that cost down to £27.50. An easy £15 saved that they could use to buy Aunty Doris a bottle of Aldi gin, so she doesn’t have to use the expensive bar at your lavish wedding. If you wanted to send them Gold class (1st class) it would cost an extortionate £67.50 with postman pats employers but with us it would be £45 a £22.50 saving which means you could buy Aunty Doris gin from Tesco’s the expensive way without a club card, seething at the fact everyone with a club card can get it for £16. It all amounts to the same thing at the end of the day……..Aunty Doris getting absolutely pie-eyed at your wedding.

Not just a postman.

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