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We call it GOLD class!!!

There are 2 huge differences between our GOLD class mail compared to what people generally consider 1st class. The first huge difference is our average time of delivery, for this I have made a note of our 56 GOLD class mail collected today and there delivery times.

We received 25 items at 10.15am

We received 17 items at 10.30am

And 14 items at 11.50am

Items delivered in hourly windows today

10-11am 5 GOLD class items delivered

11-12pm 7 GOLD class items delivered

12-1pm 4 GOLD class items delivered

1-2pm 12 GOLD class items delivered

2-3pm 10 GOLD class items delivered

3-4pm 6 GOLD class items delivered

4-5pm 5 GOLD class items delivered

7 items prioritised for tomorrows bike delivery in the morning. They will all be delivered by 12 noon. This is why our service is called GOLD class, same day delivery for 49 of todays 56 items. Any other company and all 56 items will be in a sorting office many miles outside of the Wirral.

Now here is the disappointing bit GOLD is associated with opulence, wealth a very expensive and sought after commodity. But our GOLD is accessible and more affordable. Our GOLD class service is 33% less expensive than any other alleged next day priority class of mail.

It’s no wonder that Wirral business, services and schools are switching their mail deliveries to Local Postal Solutions. We are in a very fortunate position, we no longer need to go chasing potential customers for their business. Our service, price and reputation has already been to the huge benefit of many amazing Wirral businesses. And our reputation is driving the monthly growth of our amazing service.

We do however want every local business and service sending mail locally to not just save money but receive a more efficient and eco friendly service. This is a service exclusive to Wirral, Neston and Ellesmere Port business and services only. Any companies that are national or even global do not receive the approx 33% discount in prices. They can however pay the same prices as the national mail network are charging with the difference between our prices being donated to Wirral charities.

Don’t forget we also do an eco friendly SILVER mail service, we also collect and deliver parcels same day, and we also do leaflet drops with our addressed mail and concentrated deliveries wherever you want to target.

In the spirit of the Euros I have rewritten a famous football chant.

Their here, their there, their every chuffin where,

Local Post

Local Post

Not just a postman

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