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Washed out and left in the dark

This morning I was up early to get out to West Kirby and Hoylake for my 2 hour delivery window. Unfortunately it was tipping it down, this would never normally stop me but as the clouds were heavy with rain it was also very dark which was a problem as my lights for the bike haven’t turned up. And add to that the quickest route out is up Landican Lane which would have been very muddy. I was pretty much on a hiding to nothing. The early morning delivery was postponed till the afternoon which is unfortunate. However, we are so flexible as a company we can allow for these minor interruptions without it affecting our daily routine. A quick jumble round, doing some sorting and some admin work in the early hours to free up afternoon time to go delivering.

We have also acquired a new client which is always exciting for us and we hope exciting for them too. Once we have their permission we will blog about them and maybe do a feature blog to showcase their products and talk about how changing to Local Postal Solutions has helped them as a business. Things are really starting to click now and with the impending Royal Mail price increases meaning that the cheapest item to post will go up from 59p to 69p after already going up 8p this year. And the first class items which often take a week to be delivered are going up a further 15p. Businesses will be left with a choice, stop sending mail or find a cheaper alternative. For us it just means we are saving you even more money than we were before the price increases as we have no intention of increasing our prices. If you would like to discuss how we can tailor your mail to suit your business save you money and help save the planet with our eco friendly delivery call 07830 369 446 today.

Not just a postman.

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