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Two men or two boys

Frozen in time and placed on a box,

A powerful image that soaks up the knocks,

A picture of nature at peace and serene,

But moments before a very dark scene.

Dinner with ten!!! No thanks I want two,

Down by the river just me and you,

I will scream and protest with a merciless cry,

Till Daddy submits and let’s out a sigh.

He’s left with no option but to take me away,

Outside where it’s quiet at the place where we stay,

All muddled and stressed he must make a plan,

To tame and remedy this angry young man.

A table, a bench, a gate and some trees,

A bridge, a river and a soft swaying breeze,

The monster goes dormant, he’s ready to dine,

I will eat yours and then I will eat mine.

A snapshot is taken, when we don’t know,

Our backs are turned, no faces on show,

It frames a moment which encapsulates calm,

Two men or two boys at home on the farm.

His hanger abated, his mood nice and chill,

Laughter and cuddles is our greatest pill,

I cherish every moment, the good and the bad,

Forever my sunshine, love always, Dad.

Not just a postman.

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