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This weeks Local Postal Solutions NEWS

We are half way through the week and it’s been a very productive week so far. We have secured a revolutionary way to deliver some particular companies targeted marketing. It’s very exciting for them as it gives them a huge advantage over every other competitor in there sector, not that they need it as they are already the market leaders in their field. It’s amazing to do work for companies that are so well thought of locally, it makes delivering a far more positive experience. For us this new way of hitting some companies target markets is a testament to how the solutions side of our business is benefitting the businesses we represent. Although I would love to elaborate on what we have done, we are having to keep it under wraps so it’s not replicated. But we are extremely confident that it’s going to boost their business whilst using the savings on our postal service to re-invest into connecting with twice as many potential clients for the same postal price before they switched to LPS.

Up to this point in the week I would call our deliveries steady but tomorrow we have had a heads up and it will possibly be our busiest day in our history (even including Christmas weeks). So apologies in advance to all my clients who I collect off, I won’t be able to chat for long (we do love a good natter 😂).

We have also had confirmation of a local CIC that they are switching to us for their newsletter deliveries. This is another revolutionary new concept that cuts down on prep time for the company sending it out, but more importantly saves on wastage in the form of covering the newsletter with an envelope or even worse plastic wrapping. Just another example of how we are trying to make every delivery more eco-friendly. This is the second CIC that we have commenced work for and being non profit making organisations they get further discounts, and it’s a privilege for us to offer them further savings and to be able to deliver their newsletters.

I am fully aware that a lot of my posts are quite guarded with information, but I do have a list on the website of the companies that we do work for, when I have time to update it. As I have 3 companies I have to put up there that have started in recent weeks. A lot of stuff I am guarded about revolves around GDPR but also the uniqueness we can offer due to our delivery processes. What we do for these businesses can’t be replicated by them as they are simply too structured and rigid for example potential delivery of items within minutes of collection. 

The reason other companies can’t do this is because they like to scan every single item to make their employees accountable for any loss. Also by scanning these items what do they then have? …………………………

All your data.

This is the sole reason we refuse to follow the modern trend of scanning every item. That barcode has all the senders details and all the recipient details on. And let’s say you’ve purchased some branded trainers, don’t be surprised if over the next few months you get marketing materials from companies selling branded trainers. And you think…….how did they get my address? And how did they know I like branded trainers? The answer is in the paragraph you just read. Just like cookies on your internet browser, your giving your information to them. We never photograph addresses, scan parcels or store any data that is on anything we deliver, just remember that when you next hear the barcode scanner scanning your parcel, your information has just been collected.

I really end to make these blogs a bit more light hearted 😂😂😂

Not just a postman

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