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The weather at 7am this morning.

Was so grim, but I had committed to an early start. I was drenched before I made the first call. On days like today you like to hit the ground running but unfortunately it was the opposite. The first call was the trickiest of the day as someone many years ago had decided to start the even house numbers off at 26. In the dark and the rain, it was just one of them moments you just want to forget. What I won't forget is the lesson learnt. At this point I would like to offer my apologies to anyone who received mail from us today that was a bit damp or tatty. Unfortunately when your soaked through despite efforts to protect the mail, your wetness transfers to the mail.

Six hours later I returned home exhausted, hungry, damp but overall happy that the biggest delivery yet was complete. The length of time it took was a bit worrying, but in hindsight I had stopped for two collections which involved a chat, bumped into an old colleague which took a bit of time. And spent about 15 minutes trying to fathom out an illegible address with a local unsuccessfully. But then moments later I found a match for the part of the address I could read, I sincerely hope it found its intended target as I spent way too much time trying to resolve someone else's error. I swear most people who send Christmas cards have a wild punt at some addresses. Problem I have is that I have to find it, it's sometimes too important not too make the above and beyond effort.

Not just a postman.

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