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The swinging 60’s

Not the era, the postcodes CH60, 61, 62 and 63 all completed today. I think if I was to list in order of difficulty to complete CH60 and CH61 is always the most time consuming and the geography is probably the most challenging. The easiest out of all the Wirral postcodes is Hoylake CH47 as it’s effectively one main road with a load of roads branching off. I will probably have a nightmare doing CH 47 tomorrow now. The rest are all very similar to be fair, West Kirby hill can be tough but it’s a nice area to deliver too. Tomorrow I deliver to four different postcodes starting in West Kirby moving through Hoylake and then the side of Moreton before the town centre, before heading into Upton on the way home. Quite amazingly I plan to do this in under 2 hours, which is quite a feat for an old man on an old bike with old legs and at the end of a gruelling week.

It’s so pleasant being out on the bike in the early hours, although tomorrows weather looks far from pleasant. But it’s generally such a serene time and then the madness of the day slowly builds during the 2 hour spell that I am out. I feel lucky that this venture has pushed me to deliver our items this way, it’s better for the planet, it’s better for our business, it’s better for your business, it’s better for everyones finances and more importantly it’s better for me. The winter months are going to be very testing no doubt, but I am up for the challenge.

Suprisingly no charities or schools who are offered a discounted rate have joined us yet, which does surprise me as we are proving week after week how we have improved delivery and brought hundreds of pounds of saving s to our clients. And not to mention the amazing impact we have on reducing carbon emissions. Royal mails upcoming price increases might have to force businesses to make decisions. The decision no one wants is to stop sending mail, the alternative is to find other ways to send mail for cheaper and a better service. Our premium mail is delivered before the current method hits the sorting office in Chester where it waits overnight and often much longer before it gets delivered. Come and join the local postal alternative and keep connecting to your communities and save your business not just hundreds but thousands of pounds every year.

Not just a postman.

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