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Todays news was about Royal Mails every other day second class mail delivery and every day first class mail delivery is a bit of a sham. Anyone who has worked in the post will realise this straight away. How it will look is completely different. Over 70% of deliveries are made by two people sharing a van each has their own round but they currently assist each other to complete as much of their two rounds as possible. This is largely unachievable due to the volume of calls on each round. The maximum addressees a postie can deliver in an hour will sit around the 200 mark yet most 4 hour duties have around 1000 calls and this is without prioritising tracked, emptying post boxes, special deliveries etc. So, when they say second class mail every other day what will happen is one day they will concentrate on one of the two rounds and the next day they will concentrate on the round that stayed in. The mail will always be twice as much as it should be making bags twice as heavy. They are then saying that first class will be delivered next day, theoretically it is possible but it is highly unlikely that they will pick first class mail out of a full fitting to fulfil an obligation which will no longer be forced. Especially as they have to prioritise the mail on the round that never went out the previous day and the tracked parcels across both walks, emptying post boxes, special deliveries etc. What will happen is that they will ask for the first class mail to be taken out and an attempt made if their is any time left in the duty, knowing full well there will never be enough time left in a duty to fulfil the obligation.

It’s a way of duping the public into believing there is still a two classes of mail so they can continue receiving the higher priced first class items for the same service as a second class letter. The charade of duping the public into believing their is two classes of mail is getting quite frankly embarrassing. Just be honest and get rid of first class as it’s not the same service as it was despite the decline of 50% in mail volumes.

At Local Postal Solutions we don’t have first and second class mail, we have Gold and Silver, over 70% of our Gold mail is delivered the same day as collection and our Silver mail is distributed on our eco friendly bicycle rounds taking in a fifth of the Wirral each day. Our customers know what are benchmarks are, the Gold service is guaranteed by the next day if we fail to achieve this a refund is offered to downgrade that mail to Silver class. As of yet we have never had to offer a refund. And our Silver mail can take a maximum of 5 working days. The average is below 2 days but in exceptional circumstances there maybe an item that takes 5 days to arrive, it’s probably occurred around 10 times in the last 9 months.

Furthermore the savings on our service have got even more magnificent with the extra charges our friends have put on their mail. Our Gold service is a minimum of 45p cheaper than Royal Mail first class stamp and our Silver service is now a minimum 30p cheaper than second class stamped. For all your Wirral mail, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or yearly there is only one option for absolutely amazing value and it’s Local Postal Solutions. Make the switch and join the numerous amazing local businesses we already represent.

Not just a postman

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