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The gusts of wind💨 on Meols Parade today.

Not from me btw, it was aftermath of storm Debi. I so nearly got toppled off the bike. In my plans I would cycle the full length of Meols parade, that was soon cut short and I took to the back streets for some shelter.

I rode through Prenton, Noctorum, Upton, Saughall Massie, Moreton, Hoylake, West Kirby and Greasby in that order. The one thing I did learn was next time I will do that run the opposite way round as it was like I was permanently riding head on into the wind. Never takes away from the beauty of the Wirral coast though. Your never far away from a spectacular view.

Today we helped reunite a dog with its owner in Moreton, assisted a lovely old lady across the road in West Kirby and slammed on hard on the wrong break and nearly went over the handle bars. Fortunately my brakes actually need tightening, this factor has made the difference between me having a nasty fall or just having a back wheel wheelie.

In other news, our new leaflet is close to being printed. Some final adjustments and we will be good to go. Exclusive preview will be for our group members in our Facebook group. We are also hoping for developments in outlets to host our Christmas post box. We are hoping for a further two venues to double up our collection points. Tomorrow I hope to visit the charity we will be raising money for this Christmas and see the great work they are doing helping stroke survivors rehabilitation through art. Looking forward to being inspired and meeting amazing people. Have a great day.

Not just a postman.

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