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The busiest week in our history

With the Christmas post box exceeding all expectations, the surge in parcels for Christmas week, this week is going to be mega busy. We have already delivered today to give us some scope to cope with the blustery weather later in the week. The final totals of the Christmas post box won't be known till tomorrow, but it has been an amazing month, delivering peoples Christmas cards is far more joyous than our average postings. Our recent soirée on TV has got us noticed on the Wirral streets. It's been a hard month working long hours but it has also been an amazing journey for our business.

Our plans for next year are ambitious and grand, but I know we have a fantastic opportunity to grow and evolve further. To let you in on a few things to expect next year please take a look at the list below. Some things I can't include just yet, so bear in mind there are other irons in the fire.

1. School post - Talks and plans have been ongoing and we hope to be trialling a few schools around spring time. The ambition is to have every school on the Wirral saving money by using Local Postal Solutions eco friendly network for their mail. Not forgetting that schools get further reductions in their pricing as its a key o sector that we want to bring the best possible price too. Soexciting.

2. Local business parcels - Our growth in this market this year has been extraordinary and the feedback we receive is quite simply outstanding. Save money, same day as collection deliveries and no parcel pirate worries, we will never doorstep or safe place your items unlike our competitors who can't seem to grasp that parcel pirates solely exist because of their lazy delivery methods.

3. Charity post - To aid and help our Wirral based charities the same reductions in cost is applied as schools.

4. NHS, hospitals, Doctors surgeries and clinics - This is our biggest wish and the reason why Local Postal Solutions was born. People missing hospital appointments due to delays in mail. We understand the complexities it takes to change something from national to local but we not only deliver cheaper we save businesses labour and time. It's not as complexed as you might think. It goes without saying that if we got the NHS on board they would be privy to the reduced rates that schools and charities receive.

5. Housing associations - A huge market who could make massive savings due to the geography of their clients.

6. Christmas post - After this years triumphs in this sector, the potential for next year with 12 months planning is truly monstrous. You've put your faith in us and you will be able to make savings every year.

7. Premises - The plans are grander than just a premises but for now we will just leave it at a premises.

8. Electric - Obviously not cheap, but for us it's essential to deliver our long term plan, unless there's a divine intervention we are looking at late 2024.

9. TV - After our recent cameo on the "Tonight" programme. Our innovation and vision and our concept is attracting media attention. Another thing I can't say too much about but watch this space.

10. Business mail - We already deliver in excess of 3000 items a month. The more mail we get the more cost effective the process becomes. The more businesses mail we get the more you can pass on the savings to your customers, it's simple.

11. Permanent post boxes - Our amazing Christmas post box hosts have been expressing their customers wishes for the post boxes to become a permanent fixture. This is most definitely in the pipeline and could possibly be in place towards the end of winter. Giving Wirral residents an opportunity to make savings is something we feel privileged to do.

12. Leaflets - Its proven that a leaflet is more likely to be read if accompanied by addressed post, up until now only Royal Mail could offer this. Not any more, we can offer this and not only that we can offer it for less. If your thinking about doing a leaflet campaign, think smart and give us a call for our prices. We offer the most competitive price on the Wirral.

13. Council - Obviously as far as mail goes there is no bigger market than the council. But if when we get our infra structure in place, there is nothing to stop us bringing our service and savings and hopefully we all might benefit with cheaper council tax!!! 14. Tranmere Rovers - They are not at the bottom of the list as a reflection of their league position, only joking we love Tranmere Rovers and what they offer the community. I believe due to time sensitive mail they may have already pulled some of their work away from you know who. I doubt they are getting it cheaper but they can with us and then who knows they might take 50p off the entrance fee 😂.

As you can see the possibilities for Local Postal Solutions next year is seemingly endless. We want to bring our communities these savings as soon as we possibly can. The amount of money that we can save companies and services locally is massive. For us to get there sooner we need your help, your help to go electric, your help to find a premises, your help to generate employment, your help to support this community based initiative get to where it needs to be sooner. So we have set up a go fund me page just in case your feeling generous and think what an absolutely amazing business this is. Click on the link below if you fancy donating, thanks for not falling asleep reading my post.

Not just a postman.

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