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The biggest 24 days of Local Postal Solutions history

We are all geared up for delivering Christmas whether that’s mail, Christmas cards or parcels. These next 24 days are going to be an adventure worth tuning in to. There’s a couple of amazing surprises through the month and you can be privy to this information if your in our Facebook group Local Postal Solutions. They will also be announced on here. Every Saturday we will update our Christmas post box charity contributions in our aim to get to £100 for charity.

Its probably a let off today that I had possibly the quietest day for the last few months. Thankfully no bicycle delivery in the morning and a strangely quiet parcel delivery. Problem is with a quiet day it’s always followed by a hectic day as clients who were unavailable have two days deliveries. The weather has undoubtedly disrupted our deliveries this week especially our bike routes, fortunately for us we always try to make hay when the sun shines. We had taken opportunities early in the week to clear over 75% of postcodes after the first two days. The other 25% is being slowly chipped away on our afternoon deliveries.

We are really looking forward to seeing how popular are Christmas Post boxes are going to be. Early indications are extremely positive, so we will keep you updated. I hope you all have a delightful first day of December.

Not just a postman.

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