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Staying Local......

A combined day of Leaflet delivering and working on the laptop, dealing with the many enquiries that we are gratefully receiving. However due to time constraints my leaflet delivery was around the local area and I had some sublime assistance from an ex postal worker whose walking pace and work ethic is top drawer.

The sun had come out and it was very warm. The common misconception that customers sometimes have is that "your job must be lovely in this weather". I can confirm I would choose a cloudy spring or autumn day to delivering in the heat of the summer. Carrying up to 10kg for 5 hours in the heat is not a pleasant experience and it's potentially dangerous.

I have been lucky to have had some of the most amazing customers on my rounds who would offer a cold glass of water or the use of a toilet. These little gestures mean so much on delivery, and rest assured your postperson will make sure they go the extra mile for you on the back of it. From re-directing your badly addressed mail to making sure your parcels are left somewhere safe or with a neighbour. These little gestures form bonds and even friendships that will never be forgotten.

Just a little section to finish on the enquiries we are receiving. I am so grateful for every one of them. First of all it's great that people are showing an interest. But secondly and most importantly it gives us an insight into what we are missing on our leaflets or on our website, and how we can change to communicate that better with you. So keep them coming and we can continue to connect our communities.

Not just a postman

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