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Same day mail and parcel deliveries. What a game changer.

The feedback we get of our clients about our same day delivery service just blows us away. I often get greeted with an inquisitive “I’m not expecting anything” at the door. To find out they are expecting something but they only ordered it 2 hours ago so they are not expecting it for days. We have invoices being paid within hours of mail leaving their premises. Work being booked in the same day as a quote is posted. Parents being informed of something in their child’s school immediately, and not having to wait 5 days and be the last to know. Everything we do, everything we deliver positively changes things for the better.

The businesses that have chosen us, are rewarded with a significant improvement in their mail and parcel delivery and the savings we can bring them is off the chart. Meanwhile our competitors are increasing prices at the same time as increasing delivery times. If your on the Wirral and sending to the Wirral come and give us a go, I promise you after a week you will never go back.

After being on national tv and radio we are constantly being asked to help other people working in the delivery sector who are disillusioned with the standards their employees are delivering. How to start up their own local mail network. We have always been happy to help, as the more regions that build their own mail network, the more people and businesses we are educating to get their local mail and parcels delivered cheaper and more sustainably.

I have always maintained that what we are doing is in its really early stages and that we are a company whose ideology and vision will extend far and beyond mail and parcel delivery. What the mail and parcel network that we have set up allows us to do in the future is quite simply spectacular and will create an opportunity to showcase the real potential of having the luxury of a local network. In the months to follow, maybe around Autumn time we might be in a position to let you know about our exciting new venture. It’s epic not just for us, but for every single Wirral resident and for every local business owner and will also benefit many locally based charities.

Not just a postman

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