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Royal Mail, Evri, private taxi or Local Postal Solutions.

Apologies to anybody who has tried to view the website on mobile. If your not aware when you build a website, you have to adapt it for mobile browsing. And it’s an absolute nightmare, so the mobile version of my website has not been working for apparently some time, which is rather frustrating. I dont understand how or why but it just seems to alter its form with every alteration I make on the laptop website. I have put a temporary fix in, as I really haven’t got the spare time needed to alter everything. I shouldn’t worry too much tho as I don’t really get a high turnover of people viewing the site. Talking about it just makes it more frustrating.

I already have a challenging week ahead, I’m off to a slow start with this weeks mail through no fault of our own but it’s compounded by the fact I will be missing a day this week due to a day admission to hospital. So I was already trying to cram 6 days into 5. And then also I have a parents evening to attend which limits my hours for another day. All this means that tomorrow will be brutal. I have manufactured an enteprising route for tomorrow which helps me clear Greasby, Saughall, Moreton, Leasowe and the Woodchurch in the morning and Wallasey, West Kirby, Hoylake and Heswall in the afternoon. This can only be done if I have a faultless day.

Work is underway for a new leaflet which is exciting. Our targets have slightly changed and this will hopefully be reflected in the new leaflet. During this process I did have an interesting angle of approach which I am still uncertain if I will use. Just imagine your a local business owner and you have a retail outlet in New Brighton, you have 3 x 2kg parcels for the Wirral that need to go out for delivery, one is going to Wallasey, one is going to Birkenhead and the other is going to New Ferry. You want to get them to your customers as quickly as possible so you send them Royal Mail first class costing you £18.87. The earliest they are likely to turn up is the following day but it could be days before their delivered. You could send it thro Evri costing a marginally better £17.88. Or you could think outside the box and send them by private taxi which would cost less than £18.87 and they would get there within the hour. No one would do this but this is the harshest reality as to how I can show you that the prices to send parcels locally is an absolute scandal and will end up destroying local businesses who rely upon this service. If you send them 3 parcels through Local Postal Solutions and they were going to West Kirby, Heswall and Eastham from New Brighton covering all four corners of the Wirral it would cost you £10.50 a saving of £8.37. If you did that 5 days a week that’s a saving of £41.85 and if you used us over a year you would save your company over £2,150. So the savings you can make are outstanding. Now here is the unbelievable part. From collection over 80% of our parcels are currently delivered the same day, the remaining 20% prioritised for delivery the next day. And we come to your door to collect them. So you don’t have to leave a sign on the door saying back in 15 minutes and potentially missing out on sales. If your a local business who wants to thrive, think outside the box. Call Local Postal Solutions on 07830 369 446.

Not just a postman.

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