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Review of the week

The school holidays are always quieter on both the post and parcel side of the business, so this week was a welcome return to being a bit more busy. With the schools returning it was nice to be back delivering their mail. It’s our biggest growth sector and it’s a real privilege to be able to save them huge amounts on their postal costs. Another area of real growth is our leaflet delivery, we are currently running 3 contracts but we only ever deliver one per piece of mail. Personally having 2 pieces of advertising with 1 piece of mail is an annoyance so we chose to pick one leaflet which we feel is most suitable for the property we are delivering too. For example we might have a bathroom company, a home help leaflet and a garage leaflet. If we call to a house which hasn’t got a drive or a car outside the garage leaflet is potentially wasted. If we call to a house or a block of flats which we believe are housing association owned the bathroom leaflet is potentially wasted. It would be very easy for us to do what the national postal service do and stuff 5 pieces of advertising through your door even though the majority of them won’t be relevant. We don’t believe this is useful to the recipient, as well as being an absolute annoyance. But more importantly it is wasting our clients money and leaflet by aimlessly posting advertising through every letterbox regardless of the property. We are not only better value than using our competitors we are also smarter and socially thoughtful. I have had 5 pieces of advertising come through my door and I couldn’t tell you what the 3 in the middle would have advertised as there just bundled up and binned. One advert posted through the door with addressed mail is far more likely to be seen and used than multiple adverts posted with multiple mail. When I left my previous employment they were happy to push 7 items per week through your door. And it’s the same recurring adverts dominos, farmfoods etc.

As well as the over posting of adverts by other companies they are also told unless they contact them to stop advertising mail you are to take no notice of addresses which have a sticker on their box saying no junk mail. We will not post a leaflet if the recipient has a request for no junk Mail on the door.

Rant over, back to the week in review. The weather has took a slight turn for the better, it’s been drier and a little warmer. I don’t think we had one wet bicycle round last week, that’s always a bonus. The bicycle rounds are taking a little longer at the moment as we try to get some footage together for our TikTok posts. Some nice photos of the Wirral and I am going to try some verbal communications to help get our message across. If you don’t already you can add our TikTok which is LocalPostalWirral only cos solutions was too long. I am hoping if I get some verbal communications out there specifically linked to certain aspects or certain client bases it might help people understand what we do. I feel there is a slight disconnect with getting people to understand that we are not just more efficient and cheaper but we have also simplified the mail processes for our clients.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, and we hope the weather keeps improving. See you all next week.

Not just a postman

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