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Pughorn or was it?


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In all my years as a postman you get to see a cross section of society and how different people can be. Funny things happen all the time as a postman, remembering them is the challenge now. But fortunately something happened today which left me chuckling upon leaving the address. I delivered to a delightful house on the front in Wallasey. Knocked on the door and a lovely woman answered, she was one of those people who immediately engaged in conversation and made you feel welcome on the doorstep. In tow was a small black dog, like

a pug. We’re chatting about the weather and whatever and then there’s this……….I mean huge fart noise, if it was a group of lads there would of been high fives all round. It was impressive. The dog seemingly shrugs his shoulders and trots off, leaving the lady red faced and trying to convince me it was the dog and not her. At that point I imagined the dog to be in the living room on the sofa sniggering like mutley at his owners expense. They say comedy is all about timing, that dog must be a comic genius in dog world. Anyway after laughing on the doorstep I left 95% convinced it was the dog, but 5% of me says little dogs don’t fart like foghorns. Either way it brightened up the day.

Not just a postman.

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