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Parcels - The benefits of using LPS

There are so many benefits of using LPS to deliver your local parcels.

1. Same day delivery - We don’t need to track our parcels as they are delivered the same day as collection in over 90% of our delivery.

2. Cost - We are cheaper than every other courier for every single item we deliver including mail, parcels, signature items. And we are not talking pennies cheaper for parcels it’s a minimum of £1 and upto £4 cheaper for some items.

3. Guaranteed delivery - This bit is massive, we deliver your parcels to your customer or their neighbours. We never use a safeplace simply because iIn todays delivery world a safeplace no longer exists. Parcel theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the company. We won’t allow the so called “parcel pirates” an opportunity to rob your parcels. Safeplaces are used by other companies to speed up their deliveries so they can earn more money by delivering more parcels per hour. Some won’t even knock and wait around. They will just take a photo with safeplace and pass the onus onto the parcel supplier who will eventually have to replace the item or reimburse the cost.

4. Using local businesses - We support local businesses that support us, bringing down their delivery costs whilst raising their delivery standards.

5. Free collection - We collect for free from all our clients, which is an amazing benefit for them. No more closing the shop to get to the post office before it shuts. We do all the leg work you just need to wrap your parcel and put an address on it.

6. Returns - Any customer returns you may get, we can deploy our staff to fetch your items and bring them back safely into your ownership the next day.

7. Personable service - We have found that we often deliver to the same addresses for certain businesses. This builds customer trust and reinforces the fact that they know their parcels are in safe hands and never left unattended or in a safeplace.

8. Instant gratification - As your customers receive their parcels the same day, they are more likely to re-order from you due to the quality of service we can provide for them.

9. Parcel size and weight - As long as the parcel isn’t ridiculously big or heavy, it’s more or less the same amount of work. You will currently get surcharged with other couriers for weightier items or items of a certain size. Our parcel parameters are a lot more lenient, meaning you don’t have to stress about it’s size or weight and package it how you want.

We only deliver and collect from Wirral addresses currently, but we are hoping to extend our boundaries later in 2024. If you want to know more about our services please feel free to contact us by a phone or e-mail using the number or addresses on our website

Start your journey today and join the rapidly growing community of local businesses that are already reaping the huge benefits of using our services. We hope to see you soon. Tomorrow’s blog will be about leaflet delivery, and how you can benefit from marketing your company by using our services.

Not just a Postman.

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