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Parcel Pirates 🏴‍☠️ , how to stop them?

Best way to stop parcel pirates is to use a company who will deliver your parcel to someone who answers a door, whether that's yourself or a neighbour. The only company currently doing this for every single parcel is Local Postal Solutions.

If Evri get no answer they will leave your parcel out for parcel pirates. This is because if they don't deliver the parcel they don't get paid for it. If they deliver it to a neighbour it takes time so they're hourly rate is affected. Plus you've then got to go back to the address it's for to post a card to tell them where it is. In effect they are getting paid for one parcel for walking down 3 drives.

Royal mails amazing postpeople are under such time constraints and pressure for first time delivery that they often have little option but to leave it "safe". Truth is nowhere is safe anymore. If a post person is in a shared van and they spend too much time trying to get rid of parcels, it has an adverse affect on their van share partner. Three minutes of waiting for your partner and your in the office next day for being stationary.

Parcels can only be safe if they are received as intended, but unfortunately it all comes down to money and time. At Local Postal Solutions your customers receive secure delivery every time and guess what? It's cheaper than the companies who are keeping parcel pirates in business.

I hope your caught us on ITV tonight, a brief cameo about what we are doing at the moment. If it was to be filmed again in six months you would see a whole new opportunity evolving. But we like to keep some of our layers under wraps. Anyway bed for me, you might have seen our Christmas post, it's gone crazy, surpassed our expectations by a mile. And my tired little legs has got another 10 days to make sure we deliver your Christmas on time.

Not just a postman.

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