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Our most ambitious delivery attempt yet

It won't be the longest distance we have ever attempted, but the volume tomorrow is by far the most we have ever attempted. What we call the coast run is always the longest round of our week and tomorrow we are attempting it with 4x the mail that we would normally be delivering. The flip side is despite its length it's always the most aesthetically pleasing round too. Starting in the dark at 7am, I am hoping to be back in time for lunch before setting off for our usually quietish Monday parcel deliveries. Our call rate tomorrow on paper looks like it's going to be a new record. Our call rate is based on average deliveries per hour. There are few comparisons to draw with other companies as our area is so vast. In my previous job I reckon the call rate was about 180 an hour and if each call averaged 2.5 letters plus 2 leaflets that means you could deliver 810 items per hour. That means for every letter a post person delivers they would get approximately 1.5p per item. Bearing in mind the cheapest stamped letter is 75p and the hardest part of the job is delivering it to your door by foot. It's not hard too see that post people are getting the worst of the deal by far.

Our delivery rate is around 85 items per hour and our cheapest stamped item is 50p and yet our operatives will be earning about 15p per item. Which job would you rather be doing? Carrying and delivering 810 items for 1.5p or carrying and delivering 85 items for 15p. It's a tough call 🤔

Not just a postman.

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So proud of you your absolutely smashing this like I new you would. onwards and upwards!!!!!

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