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One of them grim days for posting

The rain barely stopped and every now and then it was raining so hard that puddles were splashing like golf balls were falling from the sky. It was a hard day which was topped off when I delivered too a couple of addresses down by were sheldrakes was. My legs were that tired that I had to walk back up the hill to telegraph road. As I am still training my legs to be more cyclist, after a while you just hit a wall and the pace just drops off. The reality is that without an e bike the route that I done today is too long to do in one hit. On my way home I cut through Landican Lane and it was just a bog. So when I got home not only was I shattered and soaked through, I was covered in mud splats and the bike was filthy, I’d only just washed it on Friday. The forecast looks better for tomorrow so at least i can hopefully have a dry run.

The last few days I have been getting numerous enquiries 90% of which are job enquiries. It’s great that people are using their initiative and trying to get in before I advertise for a workforce. But the truth is I am very fortunate to know countless amazing experienced postal workers who are desperate to leave their current jobs, due to the toxic environment they are working in as their employers try to sack as many people as they can to avoid paying redundancy down the line. It’s a modern day scandal and a situation that needs intervention from higher powers. I hope that anyone who has been mistreated in the postal industry get justice and peace. Posties are an amazing breed of people, failure has never been a part of their vocabulary. But they have no power over the instruction that they are given everyday which prioritises products which managers receive bonuses for over any mail including mail which you pay extra for next day delivery. Quite simply they quantify everything when they say “ we are a parcel led company”. Parcels first, your important mail as and when they get round to it.

The whole reason Local Postal Solutions exists is because I believe when you pay extra to get your mail delivered, then the company that receives that money needs to honour that agreement. If they can’t honour that agreement then don’t accept the products, or be honest and tell the whole UK that there is no priority when it comes to mail anymore. I suppose what I want to say is if your receiving poor service it’s not your posties fault, they are not to blame. The job cutting and the asset stripping of those above are the only reason your service is in decline, and despite all their promises it’s only gonna get worse. So still be kind to your postie, they are all honest hard working genuine people. Believe me their working lives have never been in such a delicate situation as it is now.

Todays Wirral fact. It’s about the CH postcode despite us not being part of Cheshire. It’s been 22 years apparently since the postcode changed from L to CH and to some it may mean that we are more Cheshire than Merseyside. Why it actually changed is because Wirrals mail is sorted and sequenced in Chester and not in Liverpool. Even now mail still comes through with L43 or L41 on, some people don’t like change.

Not just a postman.

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