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Oh no only one more day of school traffic free!!,

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

How this is going to impact me I am not sure, my bike deliveries started in the school holidays. I am yet to encounter school traffic on my rounds. I imagine it’s not going to be as quiet and peaceful as it can be. I have had a few deliveries this week we’re I went out later and it’s not as enjoyable. Mainly because the later in the day it is the less energy I’ve got to deliver. It’s also warmer and riding around on a bike for hours is far harder in the heat. On the radio today they were talking about summer ending in a matter of hours, referring to it being the end of August. Our summer in recent years starts when the kids go back to school, so I have not given up on that last summer barbecue yet.

Today brings an end to my first full month running Local Postal Solutions and doesn’t time fly. My invoices are ready to go out in case an of my clients are reading, and it will be nice to eventually complete a full cycle of a month from collection, sorting, delivering and billing. I am sure I will have some lessons to learn in the coming weeks, always something to embrace. I am currently in talks with more potential customers, and it’s great news and timely news for the business. All I can hope for is growth month after month and we are definitely on target to do that already. Lets hope everyone’s September is a good month.

Todays fact is about Tranmere, and the meaning of Tranmere. Tranmere in old Norse is Tranimelr, meaning “crane(bird) sandbank” or “sandbank with the cranes”.

Not just a postman.

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